Why MobileGrooming  ?


                   ​​​​​Welcome to Dogville Mobile Grooming , 

 A full service, fully equipped and self contained state of the art grooming salon .

Dogville Mobile Grooming brings the salon to your home or office ,Offering  you and your pet convenience and stress free grooming . Your pet will have one on one undivided attention .

 No more car rides to and from the grooming shop , Waiting for hours for your  pet to be ready to be  picked  back up . No more having your pet sit in a cage for hours waiting his/her turn to be groomed  ,Your pet will not be exposed to other animals risking the chance of being exposed to  sickness , disease or fleas . The best part is your pet will feel at ease being in his/her own surroundings while being groomed . With over 28 years of pet care and grooming experience your pet will get exceptional care and outstanding grooming experience . Since everyone's life is busy you do not have to be home at the time of your pet's appointment  as long as I have access to your pet and the service payment . Imagine coming home to a freshly groomed pet without the hassle .

Dogville Mobile Grooming is Veterinarian recommended , Certified,licensed , insured and bonded . I look forward to welcoming  you and your pet into my grooming  family . 




1. Convenience

2. Less stress for your pet

3. No other pets to risk contracting sickness,disease or fleas from 

4. No cages

5. No car ride to and from the grooming shop  or waiting for hours for pets to be done .

6. one on on undivided attention for your pet .

7.pet is groomed in 1 to 1&1/2 hours 

8 . pet is in the comfort of his/her own surroundings.

​Dogville Mobile Grooming